Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mulheres De Bucetas Grandes

aesthetic dream.

Just to say again what I like in a man I found two photino a model, Alexander Johansson, who at best make you understand some important things to me, come on there is essential, in the sense that the exterior has only to a certain point!
In the first picture you can see some details that I Garbo: the expressiveness of the face, especially in shades of arrogance and "tontolonaggine", the Adam's apple, the protruding collarbones and a nice neck are things I like in particular spring with unbuttoned polo, then other essential thing is Nipple small, short-peaks are younger than I like!

From the second picture but I leave out another expression I like to say that more reflective.
Here also there are thick glasses and hat from where it exits the clump, in short is great for me!
Although he takes a bit of glam film and puts a few pounds more for me to like totally!

is now with other things that I said I like the upper body, I'll have to get out and mica in the lower part?! : P
Happy Saturday guys my dear you are all beautiful, because basically I play but the truth is that the thing I love most are the flaws, the map of my ideal man exists, but it's nice to tear it in front of those who strikes my heart, my mind and my pants!


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